| June 21, 2012
Premiere: New Desert Blues – Thom

The Southern Coast of England is perhaps the farthest place you can imagine from the American West. It’s quite astonishing, then, that Portsmouth’s New Desert Blues channels the ethos of this cultural-historic region better than most of the band’s transatlantic counterparts. Don’t mistake their sound, however, for some fascination with saloon brawls and gun duels at sundown. New Desert Blues represents the dark, romantic side of the Wild West; that scene where your canteen is empty, the cattle are all dead, and just one bullet remains in your rusted-out revolver. Reuben Cogburn would be proud. Check out “Thom” below, and if you’re interested in more head on over to their Soundcloud for a couple more tracks.

MP3: New Desert Blues – “Thom”