New | June 5, 2013
Night Drive

Label:   Genre: Electronic   Sounds Like: LCD Soundsystem


This weekend we had the distinct pleasure of speaking with two secret agents who were sent from the past to recalibrate the future of electro pop music. Night Drive, as the time traveling duo is known, have just released their first track “Drones” (via Robot Dance Records). The track is energetic, rich in sound and engenders an ambience fitting for a sci-fi dystopian society. If Blade Runner and Drive had a baby, common sense would necessitate that Night Drive score the film.

Night Drive also has a forthcoming 5 track EP, and if “Drones” is any indication, the album will be a perfectly synthy summer soundtrack whether you are road tripping or hunting replicants.

Stream “Drones” and see what Night Drive had to say about time travel, sci-fi and working with a real drone for their music video after the jump.

STREAM: Night Drive – “Drones”

Given that you were both front men for different bands, how did Night Drive come into existence? 

We met when our previous bands played a show together a little over a year ago, we both really liked one another’s band but we were also both trying to gain the affections of the same girl. So the whole thing started as sort of a rivalry. Only later did we find out that this girl actually DIED in a car accident – which is terrible, but the silver lining is that we kinda came to our senses and realized we should be working together.

What is your song writing process like generally? Who brings what to the table? How long did it take you to write/record “Drones?”

Our songwriting is a very collaborative process, which is a unique experience for both of us since we were both songwriters in our previous bands. It’s a great experience to be working in this kind of situation. We have slightly different backgrounds, with R coming from a more post-punk background and B having more of an electronic dance background, but the two blend very nicely.

What is the concept behind the music video for “Drones”? How big of a part did you play in the creative process for the video? 

The concept was a little bit of an anti-concept. The topic of drones is itself already kinda political and we definitely didn’t want the video to go in that direction. We’re not a ‘social commentary’ band – though we still wanted to have a vague reference to the theme of the song. But it’s filtered through a few layers of weirdness. Like pink and white paper triangles in place of falling debris, for example.

Talk to me about the robo-copter from the “Drones” video shoot. Did you get to fly it? Any crashes?

The operator was WAY protective about his baby, so we didn’t get to fly it unfortunately (but that’s probably why there weren’t any crashes during the shoot). It was a really cool little machine, the remote control that operated it had a video screen on the front so you could get an idea of what the camera was filming. And it could fly quite far from the remote, from 100 feet up in the air it looked pretty menacing like a huge mosquito.

Which do you enjoy more: the creative process or performing? 

No question, the creative process is what fuels everything. But the performance is a growing thing, it involves a lot of creativity in itself and we’re coming to love it more and more as time goes on – so who knows maybe one day it’ll become the main driving force.

Visual effects are a large part of your live performances, following the release of “Drones” what can we expect from your shows? 

We’re fortunate to know some really great video effects people who are gonna help us turn our performances into basically that final scene in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” – that’s what we’re shooting for, by 2014 you can reasonably expect to get abducted during one of our shows.

If you could time travel to any year which year would it be?

We’d go back a few million years, catch a pterodactyl and tether him to our tour bus.

Blade Runner – a great movie or the greatest movie?

Ooh that’s a tough one – it’s a really great movie but I don’t know if we could call it the greatest… but then again Philip K Dick and Ray Bradbury are the two greatest Sci Fi writers so I guess that movie is indirectly the greatest.

What is next for Night Drive? What are your goals for 2013?

There are a LOT of things in the works – some of the most exciting things we’re not able to talk about yet, unfortunately. But we’re really excited to be working with Vitalic Noise who is getting the ball rolling in every conceivable direction. I think we’ll be happy if at the end of this year we’re able to acquire a Segway with a Night Drive logo on it, so our manager can cruise into his meetings in style.

What are your favorite sandwiches?

Jelly combat – that’s a sandwich with two kinds of jelly on each slice, just skip the peanut butter altogether.

Night Drive