Premiere | September 27, 2016
Sam Kogon
Something's Wrong

Label: Beyond Beyond Is Beyond   Genre: Indie   Sounds Like: elvis costello, The Beatles

sam kogon

Brooklyn guitar-pop singer/songwriter Sam Kogon just released a new track off of his forthcoming album called “Something’s Wrong.” “Something’s Wrong” is as psychedelic as it gets without being too out there. Instead, it focuses on Kogon’s falsetto, a complex twinkling piano and some hazy guitars. The album is called Psychic Tears and will be out October 28th on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Check it out below.

Here’s what Kogon had to say about the new track:

“Something’s Wrong” is actually the first song I wrote for Psychic Tears. I wrote it even before my first record came out. I guess I was saving it for the right time. I remember I was at Royston Langdon’s house a few years back and I was showing him the song. I had all the chords and parts written in my head but at that point I only had the words “something’s wrong and you notice, you are strong when you’re godless” and the second half: “5, 6, full speed ahead, summer is gone summer is dead”. I guess the words were good enough for us to make a demo with Royston on bass and my close friend Larry Dvoskin on keys. When my band and I finally recorded the song in the studio it quickly turned into a deeper cut, sorta like the “George song” of the album. Finnegan Shanahan supplied the lush orchestrations you hear throughout the number and Sam Owens & Gabe Wax did their best Threetle’s production job. 


Upcoming Tour Dates

November 4: Brooklyn, NY –  Babys All Right +

November 5: TBD (DC)

Novermber 6: Boone, NC –  BlackCat +

November 7: Atlanta, GA –  Purgatory at The Masquerade +

November 8: Nashville, TN – The Basement +

November 9: TBD (Columbus)

November 10: Chicago, IL – Burlington Bar

November 11: TBD (Detroit)

November 12: TBD (Toronto)

Sam Kogon
Something's Wrong