Premiere | April 1, 2014

super magic hats

You may not see it, but Melbourne producer Rob Masterson (a.k.a. Super Magic Hats) had 80s cinema in mind when writing his latest track. “I was trying to study on the tram but finding it pretty tough,” he recalls. “That’s when I got the idea to write a track that had that 80s movie training montage feel — starting off sounding like encouragement, and with a peak that was the top-of-the-mountain-hands-in-the-air moment.”

Now picture Rocky air boxing up the Philly Museum of Art steps to experimental electro-pop and you’ll get “More Than Words.” Bright, glitchy synths and delightfully spastic percussion are the name of the game here, and point to signs that this Australian production whiz will be surprising us with more bits like this in the months to come. Give the track a first listen below.

STREAM: Super Magic Hats – “More Than Words” [PREMIERE]