| January 25, 2013
Premiere: Wildarms – Love Is Just True

Duncan Cooper (a.k.a. Wildarms) sounds like the tropical vacation you’ve been meaning to take. Cooper is Cascine‘s latest pop hero and he’s stolen our hearts with his debut EP, Clear Eyes. The EP takes its name from Friday Night Lights’ Dillon Panthers and, like the fabled football team, is endlessly optimistic. Layers and layers of aquatic synths and hip hop samples create a dense menagerie of sounds that will carry you off into a dream. One by one like cookie crumbs Cooper has been releasing tracks off Clear Eyes and now we’re one step closer to the oasis. We’re excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of “Love Is Just True.” The track sounds like the song that comes on the moment you see the person you’ve been dreaming of appear in the midst of a crowded room.

Keep reading after the jump to hear Cooper’s thoughts on the track. Wildarms’ Clear Eyes comes out February 5th via Cascine.

PREMIERE: Wildarms – “Love Is Just True”

We asked Duncan about “Love Is Just True” and his thoughts on love in general:

“This was just about the last song I did for Clear Eyes, and by the time I was working on it, I’d long abandoned the Friday Night Lights concept EP idea that gave the project its name. My plan at the beginning was for each track to express the perspective of another character on the show, and I wrote a bunch of lyric-driven songs to tell those stories. So I’m doing these songs, enlisting my girlfriend to sing them—”Oh, I wish I never left you, blah blah blah”—and I come to the realization that I’m a pretty bad fan-fiction songwriter, and that sad songs aren’t right for my life anyway. Ignoring the EP concept, these were always our songs, me and her. They should be happy! So I changed the plan, cheered things up a bit, and started writing sax lines about staying together and liking it. That’s where you get “Love Is Just True,” in both its name and the act of its composing: your love isn’t somebody else’s story, so if you’re going to write it, write it as yourself.”

Clear eyes. Full hearts. You can’t lose with this one.

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