New | September 6, 2016
Pretty Sister & Dragonette – Galactic Appeal (Ft. Tobtok)


You can’t go wrong with a dose of feel-good electro pop. Here’s a new vibe to add to your Friday night playlist, courtesy of L.A. singer-songwriter Pretty Sister and Toronto’s Dragonette.

Their infectious new collab, “Galactic Appeal,” is a floating, cosmic groove made for poolside days or disco nights. With help from Swedish producer Tobtok, the track takes a detour from mathematical electronica to surprise even die-hard EDM listeners.
“The term ‘galactic appeal’ popped into my head on the same day I met Pretty Sister in a studio in L.A.,” Dragonette told Billboard. “The song (and the term) is about recognizing how extremely lucky and exciting it is to get to be alive for this blink of time on the planet.”

Ponder that while you listen, below.