| April 5, 2013
Preview: Darwin Deez @ Black Cat

Darwin Deez comes to DC from Asheville via NYC via Wesleyan University, where he was a classmate of the guys from MGMT, the lead singer of Francis and the Lights, the guys in Yeasayer, the guys in Bear Hands, the guys in Das Racist, etc. (Can you imagine the house parties that were going on in those years at Wesleyan? You could see a Yeasayer/MGMT/Darwin Deez triple billing in front of 12 people in someone’s basement. Tickets would cost $0 unless you didn’t want to be a jerk and contributed to the keg fund.)

Deez plays smart indie pop that’ll root itself into your head and stick for days–I once hummed the song “Radar Detector” for a week straight before my girlfriend told me enough already. He’s also got some of the best and most imaginative music videos out there right now.

Deez and his band are currently touring in support of their new album, Songs for Imaginative People. You can check the album out on Spotify here.

The band plays tonight at Black Cat with Caged Animals and Me and this Army. Tickets are still available here. Doors are at nine. See ya there!

STREAM: Darwin Deez — “You Can’t Be My Girl”

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