New | March 9, 2017
PWR BTTM – Answer My Text

pwr bttm

If the medium is the message, then we have found the millennial’s (or really just any modern day human’s cri de coeur). If you don’t know what that means, listen to PWR BTTM’s “Answer My Text.” Do you hear it now? There is Liv Bruce’s pleading encomiums turned into enraged anxiety, those familiar power pop chords skipping along, then turned tenuous and taunt into pure power ballad screams. And of course, those lyrics.divider

We’ve all been there. In fact we are usually either waiting for a reply or doing anything else in our lives, and/or rather begrudgingly having to do something while waiting for a reply. And as we all know the experience brings out everything about our common humanity; our foolhardiness, our selfishness, our fears, our desires and ability to love and even our capacity to produce meaning in life. Thus what an excellent place for the members of PWR BTTM to begin mining all this and more.

Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins understand that even though our lives and ways of being in the world might be more radical than ever, we are still elementally emotional creatures, nurtured by love, embittered by hate and never too far from giving into despair.

PWR BTTM’s Pageant comes out May 12th via Polyvinyl/Big Scary Monsters.