New | August 25, 2014
QT – Hey QT

A.G. Cook (head of future-shock powerhouse PC Music) and Sophie (of scant singles for Numbers and most recently the unstoppably kinetic “Lemonade”/”Hard”) team up as QT and come busting out of the gate with “Hey QT.” Heard here in a bootleg from Boiler Room (and preceded by some promo copy for the energy drink, also called QT, for which it’s ostensibly a jingle), it’s a skewed slab of teeth-grindingly sweet neon, an uptempo banger overlaid with Sophie’s brand of pitched-up vocals. As with recent tracks from Hannah Diamond, GFOTY and other PC Music acts, the pinging, stratosphere-bound sonics (“Hey QT!” “Yeah?” chirp what could pass for a helium-pinched contingent of Spice Girls) are incendiary. Whether that means they get you fired up to rant about those cheap-ringtone-ass sounds on your commenting platform of choice, or to cut a rug, or swoon over your keyboard, well, that’s on you.