Interview | January 7, 2015
Rapid Fire: Alex Metric

Metric 4

This week, we checked in with Alex Metric before he and Royal take the stage at All Things Gold tomorrow, January 8th at U Street Music Hall. Mr. Metric shared his thoughts on everything from his favorite remix to meeting a music legend on a cruise ship. Scroll down for the rapid fire interview, and DC, don’t forget to snag your tickets via the link below.

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Metric 1

Hey Alex, What’re you up to right now?
Recovering from Holy Ship in Miami.

What’s your favorite place in the US – city, restaurant, bar, view, anything?
LA is the place I spend most of my time when I’m in the states, but I have a lot of love for Austin, New Orleans and NYC too.

What’s your favorite venue/club in the world?
XOYO in London is certainly up there. I always feel very at home when I play.

Do you have a favorite remix that never got released?
My London Grammar remix! It’s a mystery to me why the band didn’t want to use it, the label were extremely excited by it but for whatever reason the band said no. It’s a shame. It’s a really great remix.

What’s in your backpack/man-purse/cargo shorts right now?
Absolutely nothing, I’m in bed!


Metric 2

What platform do you consume most of your music on?
My iPhone. I actually buy music!

What’s the last whole album you listened to?
Beck – Morning Phase.

What’s the best thing about being on tour?
Playing music to people, meeting new people, seeing new places, getting up to mischief. There’s not a lot to complain about really.

What’s the worst?

Who’s the best act you’ve seen live in 2014?
My favorite gigs I saw were either Damon Albarn at SXSW or Tycho at Electric Forest.

Say you hang up the headphones tomorrow. What is Alex Drury’s next move?
Lock myself in the studio.


Metric 3

Where’s the strangest place you’ve worked on a song?
Hmmm, nowhere really. I’m not one of those producers that works on the road. I need to be in my studio with all my equipment.

Describe your ideal crowd.
A good mix of open minded guys and girls.

What’s your proudest moment as a musician and producer?
I’ve been lucky to achieve a lot of things I only once dreamed of, but the most recent proud moment I had was on Holy Ship. I met Armand Van Helden and he told me he was a huge fan of my music. Pretty insane to have a legend like that be so nice about what I do. He was a really lovely chap.

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna
I would marry Taylor Swift, definitely fuck Rihanna. As for Miley, well, I wouldn’t want to kill her but she’s not on the top of my list to marry either.

What’re you doing tonight?
Watching movies in bed trying to get my brain back in order for the upcoming shows!