Interview | December 16, 2014
Rapid Fire: Bear Hands

bear hands band interview

Last week, we sat down with Bear Hands guitarist Ted Feldman and grilled him on everything from sartorial choices to tour bus music controls to the best egg sandwich in America. Get to know Feldman and the rest of the Bear Hands crew below, and grab your ticket to see them hit the stage with Great Good Fine Ok and Champagne Fever at All Things Gold this Thursday, December 18th.

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Hey Ted. What’re you up to right now?
Sitting in an airport in Jacksonville, Florida, consuming useless information through my phone.

What’s the first line of the last song you wrote?
“Fucking all your friends til you go blind.”

What’s your favorite place in the US – city, restaurant, bar, view, anything?
That’s really hard. I’ve had “this is the most beautiful” moments in Seattle, SoCal, Austin, Nola, Minneapolis, and of course New York. But the best bacon egg and cheese sandwich is at the Little America truck stop in southern Wyoming.

What’s your favorite venue?
Gun to my head, Music Hall of Williamsburg.

What’s in your backpack/man-purse/cargo shorts right now?
Backpack — dirty clothes, amp tubes, phone charger, “Absurdistan” by Gary Shteyngart, peanut butter sandwich.


bear hands band interview

Spotify, Soundcloud, or Rdio?
I’ve started to get into Spotify, but it seems like Soundcloud is more useful for discovering new talent.

What’s the last whole album you listened to?
Blur – S/T this afternoon.

What album pleasantly surprised you most in 2014?
Perfume Genius – Too Bright.

What’s the best thing about being on tour?
New people and experiences every day.

What’s the worst?
Constant exhaustion.


bear hands band interview

Who’s the best band you’ve seen live in 2014?

Who picks the music for the van on tour?
Whoever is driving, but we do a lot of silence and a fair amount of talk radio. Also, headphones.

Who picks the restaurant stops?
I do, cuz I got mad Yelp skills.

What band do you all universally love?
Nirvana, big whoop.

Any band that you worship that the rest of the band can’t stand?
Can’t stand? No. But I listened to a lot of St. Vincent and Parquet Courts this year, and I don’t think any of my bandmates caught on.


bear hands band interview

Describe your ideal crowd.
Diverse, excited, intelligent.

How much time goes into deciding on your sartorial choices before shows?
Little to none, for better or worse.

What’s Bear Hands’ most embarrassing moment as a group?
Hard to say. There’s a good number of them, but the first that comes to mind is from many years ago — a show we played at the old Galapagos Art Space on N 6th St in Brooklyn when we just fell apart on stage. Like, couldn’t make it through a song and just stopped. Painful.

Marry, Fuck, Kill: Marge Simpson, Leslie Knope, Liz Lemon.
Marry Marge.
Fuck Leslie.
Kill Liz.

What’re you doing tonight?
Hanging out with my girlfriend. No big plans.