Video | February 20, 2014
Real Estate – Crime

In their cheeky new video for “Crime,” Real Estate literally demonstrate how to play it. We are given a close-up of Matthew Mondanile and Martin Courtney’s guitars, as a strumming pattern with finger positions for each of their parts of the song goes by. It’s a fun, simple visual, and one that perfectly demonstrates the band’s commitment to playing solid, no-frills rock music. There’s no magic here, the notes are right in front of us, but the song is another earworm to add to their growing list. It’s fitting that Courtney and Mondanile should get their chance to shine alone here, as their intricate guitar work and warm tones have long been the heart and soul of the New Jersey jangle rock outfit. Watch the video for “Crime” above.

Real Estate’s new album Atlas will be available March 4th via Domino Records.