| March 30, 2012
Reptar – Orifice Origami

Count on a band named after a fictional cartoon dinosaur to title a song “Orifice Origami.” Fittingly, it’s the first single off the equally-ridiculously-named album Body Faucet. Conjure any strange and disturbing mental images?

But as you all know by now, this is all par for the course for our friends Reptar; they can truly do no wrong. This track is just another example. A funky intro that sounds like Donald Duck swallowed a bassoon quickly transitions into their patented brand of unabashed-fun and buoyant electro-rock—chock full of chiming, overlapping keyboards, knee-knocking percussion, hip-swerving bass-slapping, dynamic, energetic vocals, and just the right amount of hand clapping. This is my jam. It can be yours too. Stream it below or download it on their Facebook page.

STREAM: Reptar – “Orifice Origami”

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