| February 23, 2012
Reptar – Sebastian

Imagine you’re sitting alone in your living room, catching up on podcasts while idly stirring a pot of minestrone and zoning out on the tree outside your window. Then BAM, suddenly all your friends unexpectedly show up at your door with booze and speakers and boys and girls and an inflatable shark to remind you that life’s too short to ever feel anything but utterly exuberant. This is the emotional joyride Athens-based Reptar takes you on before you’re even a minute through “Sebastian,” the latest track off their upcoming album Body Faucet.

We’re no strangers to Reptar-induced euphoria, as evidenced by their performances at All Things Gold 001, New Noise 002, and this fancy ATG word cloud I just generated, and here they deliver yet another song capable of assuring you you’re living life to the fullest, regardless of whether you’re enjoying their sound live in a crowded basement or from the comfort of your bed. Just one listen to the buoyant-as-citrus chorus will keep you feeling feelings for days. But why would you only want to listen once?

MP3: Reptar – “Sebastian”