| October 13, 2011
Robot Koch – Glass Drops

If you think about it, robots don’t need to sleep. Could you imagine what humans could do if we never needed to call it a night and could just stay awake being productive all the time—inventing inventions, building buildings, tumblr-ing…forever? Apparently, and luckily for us, producer Robot Koch doesn’t sleep either. Hailing from Berlin, Koch is not only the mastermind behind his band Jahcoozi (Bpitch Control), he also produces and performs as a solo artist under his own name and works as a songwriter and producer for many other artists internationally.

This week, Koch dropped his video for “Glass Drops,” an eerie, enchanting piece featuring vocals from John LaMonica, an onslaught of crystalline marbles, and a Twilight-worthy romp through the woods (albeit with flabbier physiques). In an Internet full of electronic music, Koch stands out for his spacey, glitchy, yet tangible and listenable tracks, and “Glass Drops” is a standout example of what you can accomplish simply by installing a solar panel in your brain.

MP3Robot Koch – “Glass Drops (Ft. John LaMonica)”