| December 4, 2012
Rostam – Scenic Cold (Beirut x Katy Perry)

At first glance, one might assume that Beirut and Katy Perry go together about as well as lamb and tuna fish, yet Rostam (of Vampire Weekend and Discovery fame) somehow finds a way to make them the perfect couple with his mash-up of Beirut’s jubilant “Scenic World” and Perry’s “Hot n Cold.” Rostam has apparently been playing the track at his solo DJ shows, and a brief visit to his Soundcloud page reveals his other attempts at iconic pop blends, including a particularly spirited Carly Rae Jepson/Annie Lennox combo, though none are as seamless as “Scenic Cold.” The D.C. native clearly understands what it takes to make a listenable mash-up, and “Scenic Cold” is just that. Grab it below.

STREAM: Rostam – “Scenic Cold (Beirut x Katy Perry)”