Video | January 16, 2014
Run River North – Fight To Keep

I’m a sucker for good alt-folk. I’m also a sucker for sweet vocals and vocal harmonies. I’m also a sucker for camping. So the video for “Fight To Keep”, from Los Angeles six-piece Run River North, seems practically custom made for me. The song opens with soft acoustic guitar strumming under singing (very M. Ward-esque) as the band enthusiastically welcomes friend Diedrich Bader and they set off on their trip to the woods. The road tripping and campfiring lead to all the laughs you’d expect, but as the song kicks into gear with light snares and cymbal crashes, we learn that it turns out the band is a big group of cannibals. And that Bader is what’s for dinner.

For the last three minutes of the video it’s a struggle to determine what’s more entertaining: Bader trying to escape from the murderous group trying to eat him or the toe-tapping rhythms and lo-fi guitar riffs soundtracking his escapades. Does he get away? Or does the band get that long pig¬†they’ve been jonesing for? Watch the video above and see for yourself.

“Fight To Keep” will be on the Run River North’s self-titled debut album, out February 25th on Nettwerk.

STREAM: Run River North – “Fight To Keep”