New | September 29, 2017
Run the Jewels sound off on “Mean Demeanor”

run the jewels live
In less than five years, Killer Mike and El-P have turned Run the Jewels from a buddy passion project into one of the most consistent and outspoken rap groups on the planet. Hot off their third album, RTJ3, the duo has spent the last year recording mostly one off tracks such as “Chase Me,” which they recorded for the film Baby Driver, and now “Mean Demeanor,” a track featured on the newest FIFA video game.

“Mean Demeanor” isn’t the duo’s most explosive track, but it still holds onto the take no prisoners sonic assault that has become the bands aesthetic. Killer Mike and El-P’s words dance around each other, waltzing over the thumping industrial dance beat. For the past four years, they’ve been two of the hardest working artists, so on tracks like “Mean Demeanor,” it’s enjoyable to see both Mike and El relax and just do what comes natural to them.