| July 7, 2011
S.E. Rogie: A Lesson In Multicultural Musical History

Vampy Weeks, as Carles calls them, quickly made Afropop the most trendy musical influence in indie rock when they burst on the scene in 2008. East-West crossovers quickly became common place on Pitchfork. But understanding Afropop as an influence only, or as something relatively newly discovered, is quite ethnocentric. African pop, although it surely took musical cues from the West, is something uniquely African, something that’s been in existence for some time now, and something that should be celebrated in its purest form. So in honor of African pop, try this “palm-wine” guitarist out (palm-wine guitar is a subgenre of Sierra Leone pop, and also the coolest name for a subgenre in the history of the world) for a listen. His name is S.E. Rogie, and his songs are sure to cool you off amidst this hot and humid D.C. weather.

MP3: S.E. Rogie – “Do Me Justice
MP3: S.E. Rogie – “Please Go Easy With Me
MP3: S.E. Rogie – “Easy Baby

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