| November 29, 2012
Saint Motel – Benny Goodman

L.A. indie rock outfit Saint Motel is back with a video for “Benny Goodman,” the new single off their latest full-length, Voyeur. Directed by frontman A/J Jackson, the piece pays homage to the rags to riches story of legendary jazz musician Benny Goodman (who broke out while on the verge of going broke with a performance at the Palomar Theatre) through child dance sensation Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown. Playing off the image of a certain family of five, Brown shows that he’s got what it takes to be the Michael of the bunch in the middle of a busy restaurant. Watch him bust a move above.

Saint Motel’s Voyeur is out now via On The Records.

MP3: Saint Motel – “Benny Goodman”