| June 22, 2011
SBTRKT – Wildfire Feat. Drake and Little Dragon

SBTRKT’s “Wildfire” is the kind of music that gives walking a purpose.  Play it as you stroll down the street, and it becomes more than just background music. With the high energy wobbling and candy-coated post-dub beat, you’ll find it driving your stroll a little more than expected.  SBTRKT (pronounced subtract) is a mysterious London-based producer veiled behind a Kaonashi mask and popping out some housey dance-gems.  He’s at his best with collaborations, like the one with Little Dragon and Drake below, who add a nice organic element that ground SBTRKT’s electronics.  While you gear up for the official June 28th release of his self-titled EP on Young Turks, you can stream it over at Hype Machine in the meantime.

MP3:  SBTRKT – “Wildfire (Feat. Little Dragon and Drake)”