| June 20, 2012
Sebastien Tellier & Caroline Polachek – Side By Side

Apparently flying 35,000 feet above sea level wasn’t close enough to heaven for Air France. A company already renowned for its high quality in-flight services, comfortable chaises, and escargots délicieux, the airline paired with BETC Music to create its own music “label” and has been churning out chic Francophilian tunes from the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Phoenix for the last two years.

According to Caroline Fontaine, the airline’s director of advertising, “With Air France music, we seek to reach a younger audience… The music creates a link with the brand outside the aircraft, to show that we can launch innovative and different operations.” Most recently, Air France has surpassed even their trailblazing tendencies with the groundbreaking “Side by Side,” a double act that pairs the lunar sweetness of French electropop sensation Sébastien Tellier with Chairlift’s equally ethereal Caroline Polachek to create a seductive, enchanting recording that could ease even the most turbulent transatlantic flight. Featured on Air France’s Facebook page, the track includes an interactive video that allows you to oscillate focus between each artist’s half of the duet AND offers the an opportunity to win a flight to Paris to see Tellier perform live. If that’s not heaven (and one hell of a marketing plan) then I don’t know what is.