Playlist | November 7, 2016
Sego Locally Sourced This Playlist

sego music

When we asked Sego to make us a playlist with some of their favorite music as of late, they came back to us with a collection of “local” tunes. Here’s what they had to say about it…

Nothing worse than having your friend invite you to a show and it sucks. Awkward. Nothing better than your friend inviting you to a show falling in love with the music. I’m in a fortunate place wherein much of my favorite music is produced by my good friends. Familiarity also plays a role. This playlist is a snapshot of what we’ve been immersed in both musically and socially. Think of it like buying local produce. When you’re looking for good stuff, don’t look too far.

These songs definitely don’t suck. Give them a listen below.


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