New | January 19, 2018
SG Lewis announces upcoming three-part album

SG Lewis

SG Lewis has announced he’ll releasing an album that will be broken into three phases: Dusk, Dark, and Dawn. He credits his inspiration coming directly from his experiences in club culture.


Today the Londoner has dropped what will be the first single of Dusk. The track is called “Aura” and features fellow London creative/singer J Warner.

“Aura” is a bouncy, bass-happy, disco inspired track with splashes of sexy jazz elements. We get quintessential SG Lewis with vibrant piano keys and crisp percussion pieces. If I could take a swing out how this series of phases are going to sound, I believe we’re in for an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows. Songs like “Aura” that will have you up and dancing at one point, only to be confronted by deep thought and feelings Lewis has felt throughout his time in club culture. Emotions I believe we all can relate to. I for one am all aboard for this ride. Listen to “Aura” in full below.


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