| December 20, 2012
She and Him – Baby It’s Cold Outside

From the moment Zooey Deschanel paired up with smokey-voiced Matt Ward to form She and Him it was inevitable that we’d hear her come back to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, the track she first adorably tackled in the 2003 movie Elf. Deschanel and Ward have flipped the script for their rendition of this Christmastime classic with Him playing the role of the coy flirt feebly trying to leave, and She becoming the amorous, insistent, slightly creepy, possibly nefarious host trying to get him to stay. The quirkily animated video makes light of the modern, darker interpretation of the song by showing Deschanel’s animated sprite go through a series of increasingly Misery-like exercises to keep Ward from leaving. Like much of the pair’s work, the track is a fun and lighthearted interpretation of an old classic.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” appears on A Very She and Him Christmas with a portion of proceeds going to 826 National.

STREAM: She and Him – Baby It’s Cold Outside