Premiere | April 21, 2015
Premiere: Sia – Big Girls Cry (E.A.S.Y. Remix)

sia remix

“At E.A.S.Y., we may seem tough with our hooded sweatshirts and synchronized trap arms. But deep down we are sensitive. We feel feelings and emote emotions. Yes, sometimes we even cry. Sia‘s song ‘Big Girls Cry’ this seemed like the perfect vehicle to express our inner turmoil and share our true selves. Our remix does have heavy trap drops, but it also has wistful piano solos and euphoric synth stabs to let it all out and exclaim, ‘We are E.A.S.Y., hear us roar!'”

See? No need to be shy. E.A.S.Y. might seem intimidating but, as they say in the above disclaimer, their new remix of Sia’s “Big Girls Cry” is more than just “heavy trap drops.” Between those peaks, the VA/NY production duo strings everything together with pretty synths and percussion. It sounds quite nice, actually. Give it a first listen below along with their recent remix of A-Trak‘s “Push (Ft. Andrew Wyatt).”