New | January 13, 2017
Sjowgren – Now & Then


If there ever was a song that captured the simultaneous exhilaration and exhaustion of bringing in the new year, this is it. With perfect timing, Bay Area band Sjowgren delivers a new track that’s equal parts reflective and invigorating.

“Now & Then” starts with a flashback of “two kids growing up together,” eventually ruminating on the mysterious workings of memory. It’s all soundtracked to a humming guitar rhythm that slowly builds into a steady, rumbling anthem fit for long dusk drives and indie film soundtracks. All in all, it’s one of those songs that feels effortless, but also seems like it comes with a long story.

The track follows Sjowgren’s explosive “Seventeen” which rocketed the group to the top of our playlists back in 2015. Hear what’s new, below.