New | February 10, 2017
Smino – Anita

Smino 1

As far as feel-good tunes go, Smino’s voice is pure sunshine. The St. Louis artist always knows how to add some brightness to our playlists, even in February, even when he’s singing about lovesickness. Such is the case with Smino’s latest track “Anita”, a crisp, lovestruck tune about a mysterious woman whose name sounds conveniently similar to “I need her.” It’s no mistake that Smino praises her “chocolate” skin as an escape from all the “republicans.” The artist tells Pigeons & Planes that “the song is inspired by black women and how much we need them, especially the forgotten ones”—probably a reference to Hidden Figures, a film that Smino has said influenced him heavily.

“With Trump in office, now is such an important time to be confident about blackness,” he adds in a press release. The reference takes the form of some brilliant wordplay, like Smino’s switch-up of the chocolate brand Godiva to the chant, “Go, Diva.” The bubbly new track is produced by Monte Booker, and it comes off Smino’s upcoming debut album, blkswn.