| December 4, 2012
Sorcerer – Cobra Coven (Greeen Linez Remix)

Two of our favorite nu-balearic producers join forces on this magical Greeen Linez remix of Sorcerer’s “Cobra Coven”. Sorcerer is Daniel Saxon Judd, a San Francisco-based guitarist and drum machine maestro who also plays in the excellent bands Windsurf and Shock. The “Cobra Coven” remix merges Judd’s dubby, cosmic vibes with the otherworldly funkiness of Greeen Linez, a binational production duo made up of Cambridge’s Christopher Greenberg and Tokyo dweller Matt Lyne. When we featured Greeen Linez’s track “Hibiscus Pacific” back in July, I half-jokingly described their music as “yacht funk” (which is about as legitimate a genre as crab-core or seapunk). Matt tells me that, in fact, the Greeen Linez project is inspired most directly by the “City Pop” sound that emerged in Bubble Era Japan in the 1980s:

“We are very influenced by 1980s Japanese fusion and ‘City Pop’. City Pop uses a lot of synthesizers (particularly the Yamaha DX7) and also draws influence from disco, boogie, and AOR sounds from America. Often the lyrics have connections to city life and fast cars but with images of resorts and coastal summer paradises, either lyrically or in the sleeve designs and jackets – day trips to the coast and so on. It sounds like it comes from a strange exotic blissful dreamland, although we can also feel a sense of melancholy or tension behind it, which although it was probably unintentional at the time, almost points to the historical moment when the bubble economy in Japan burst, and this paradise was lost.”

However you describe them, Greeen Linez make some of the most interesting electronic music we’ve heard of late. Their “Cobra Coven” remix comes with a delightfully strange found footage video compiled by Matt himself. If you’re into cheesy laser effects, field hockey action montages and shapely Asian ladies strutting around with armfuls of baguettes, then this should be right up your alley. The remix will be included on Sorcerer’s Island Rescue EP, the first release slated for Matt’s new Diskotopia sublabel, A Kind of Presence. Stay tuned for more eclectic electronic stylings by following A Kind of Presence on Twitter.

STREAM: Sorcerer – “Cobra Coven (Greeen Linez Remix)”