New | March 21, 2016
Sorority Noise – XC

sorority noise

Sure, you could group Sorority Noise into the “resurgent” indie-emo-pop-punk movement of recent years. Whether you’re into that (we are) or not, however, the Hartford foursome’s latest track “XC” is a sweet, quiet song that’ll tug on all your heartstrings. Speaking on the song’s subject matter, Cam Boucher told The Fader

I was doing an overnight drive this fall and was thinking about my friend who had taken his life this summer, about how quickly death can come, and kinda just wrote this song via a voice memo, just talking about the lyrics while everyone else slept.

It’s a story that makes “XC” all the more beautiful. Listen below and make sure to grab Sorority Noise’s It Kindly Stopped For Me EP (out April 22nd via Topshelf).