Feature | October 18, 2016
Soundtrack To My Life: Trevor Sensor

trevor sensor

Recent Jagjaguwar signee Trevor Sensor doesn’t sound 22 years old. He sounds like someone who has seen some things in his years, and his lyrics would agree. Sensor is gritty and poetic in a way that makes you sure of the callouses on his fingers. He’s released two EPs and toured with The Staves just this year. Tomorrow, he opens for Foy Vance at the 9:30 Club. We had him concoct for us the Soundtrack To His (Twenty Two Years Of)¬†Life before that.




The Eagles ¬†– “Take it Easy”

My earliest memories as a kid were listening to the Eagles and Jackson Brown with my mother. This song especially sticks out in my mind, though, as it ties in to multiple car rides we took driving around the country roads of Southern Illinois back when I was little.


Teenage Years:

The Violent Femmes – “Add It Up”

The Violent Femmes basically summed up a lot my frustrations I had during my teenage years. I was a bit of a loner – had friends, but mainly stuck to hanging out by myself listening to my walkman with either the Femmes first record or the Smashing Pumpkins greatest hits on repeat.


First Breakup:

Jackson C. Frank – “Tumble in the Wind”

After my first big break-up from my girlfriend of two years, I was pretty numb to the feeling of someone leaving my life in a way that I’d never experienced before. But one day I put this song on and just totally lost my shit. A real sense of loneliness that’d been building up in me just broke loose…fell on some hard times after that moment.


College Years:

Volcano Choir – “Dancepack”

While in college, a good friend of mine bonded over two things: getting rejected by girls, and good indie music. A line from this song we always sang to each other whenever we were drunk (or had just gotten dumped, rejected, etc.), was, “Take note, there’s still a hole in your heart.” It was a good way for us to laugh off the bullshit and keep throwing back drinks.



Here’s some songs I’ve been listening to as of late while on the road: