New | November 15, 2017
Spinning Coin deliver urgent whispers that it’s worth a swim in the ‘Metronome River’

Spinning Coin

Somewhere in Scotland, it’s probably raining. The pit-patter occupies the windowsill, outdated automobiles infinitely creak up the road and lads in bad golf hats talk about how bad money is whist drinking bad beer. The box is playing the greatest hits of the Spice Girls and Robbie Williams and maybe singing along to Eddie Sheeran but the kids are acutely studying more local sounds: The Only Fun in Town, Sittin’ Pretty and those freshly squeezed early Orange Juice singles. Four of the latest students compromise Spinning Coin and have the overall effect of, oh, Franz Ferdinand punk bark with the kind of tawdry intimacy that scans,  strangely, more Jens Lekman than Stuart Murdoch. All hail the new class.

On much of Permo, Spinning Coin’s debut off a new Domino Records indie pop label run by Pastels frontman Stephen McRobbie (who say indie rock can’t be your life?), the kids spend a lot of time complaining about the bills. “I need some money, but not a lot/just a reason to give a fuck,” is barked at some point, imitation Johnny Rotten-by-way-of Richard Jobson) but on ‘Metronome River,’ they abandon earthly concerns for a lively jaunt of pure feels. It’s wistful music, but also incredibly comfortable. Keep on strumming, I’ll stay inside all day.