| July 3, 2012
Spiritualized – Little Girl

British space-rock group Spiritualized has released the video for “Little Girl,” the second single from its seventh studio album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. The video, directed by Vincent Haycock, is a dysfunctional, post-Soviet coming-of-age story set in former East Germany. Our heroine, desperate to escape her depressing ex-commie life, steals her father’s money and motorcycle and takes to the road. Said road is rocky with the vices that come with freedom, and the video is filled with dangerous (and wildly impressive) motorcycle stunts. Lending to the video’s grittiness, UK stunt rider Chesca Miles plays the video’s protagonist, and her motley crew of new “friends” are all German professional riders. Spiritualized’s droning guitars, backing gospel singers and frontman Jason Pierce’s world-weary voice add a backdrop of sad beauty. It is, in true Spitirualized form, evocative, intense and exquisite. Sweet Heart Sweet Light is out now on Fat Possum Records.

STREAM: Spiritualized – “Little Girl”

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