| May 13, 2011
St. Lucia – The Old House Is Gone

Our buddies over at Heavy Roc have a small but high-quality roster: Alex Winston, Samuel, and of course themselves (The Knocks). Yesterday, the family officially got one member bigger with the addition of St. Lucia. The South African Brooklynite’s debut track, “The Old House Is Gone,” could not have hit our ears at a better time. If you tossed the Chemical Brothers’ “Star Guitar” into a meat grinder along with a hefty dose of sunshine, salt water and glowing synths, and mashed it all back together you’d get this delicious patty of a song. I’m fairly certain that, with summer right around the corner, this track is going to dominate every car ride for the next few months. Get into it. HRM says to stay tuned for an official debut single and mini-album.

MP3: St. Lucia – “The Old House Is Gone”