| September 29, 2011
Star Slinger – Dumbin’ (Ft. Reggie B)

At long last, UK producer/DJ/beat dude Star Slinger has released his first original single, “Dumbin’” through Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound (home to our dear friends Theophilus London, Chromeo, Neon Indian, and The Cool Kids). I don’t really think it’s possible that I’ll ever get tired of Star Slinger remixes, but after a year or so of churning out unstoppable reworkings of other artists’ work, Star Slinger’s move to drop a proper single is right on cue. “Dumbin’” does a nice job of incorporating R&B-laden vocals from Reggie B into the signature pop/electro/post-dubstep style, staying true to the Star Slinger we know and love but also marking the beginning of a new era. The song comes with this neat video explaining all about Slinger, just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year.

MP3: Star Slinger – “Dumbin’ (Ft. Reggie B)”