Premiere | September 27, 2016
Stream Birthday Club’s “Lighten Up” EP Now

birthday club

Houston’s Birthday Club has given us the first stream of their Lighten Up EP, officially out on September 30th. The six-track makes for easy listening – it’s feel-good indie-pop with just a dash of psychedelia and math. Birthday Club is the project of former Featherface frontman Stephen Wells joined by a talented lineup of musicians both on the performance and recording fronts. Stream Lighten Up below and don’t blame us if you can’t stop dancing.

Here’s what Stephen Wells had to say about the EP:

It’s so hard to express just how much the making of this EP meant to me. We put everything that we had into these recordings and it definitely taught me that the harder things are for you, the stronger you’ll end up being when you finally come out on the other side. I’d say that I’m definitely on the other side now, and I really think that Lighten Up has everything to do with that.