| February 20, 2012
Summer Camp – Losing My Mind
(St. Etienne Remix)

British indie-pop duo Summer Camp has announced the release of their new single, “Losing My Mind,” heralding their upcoming UK tour and validating the innumerable tears I cried over missing their performance at All Things Gold 007 last week. The single appears on their debut studio album, Welcome to Condale, but in an effort to make things up to me, I suppose, Sankey and Warmsley will release the digital download as a package, featuring remixes from 24 year old producer Dexter Tortoriello dba Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross and veteran U.K. trio Saint Etienne as well as an exclusive acoustic version of the song.

While the acoustic number has still yet to go public, streaming versions of the two remixed renditions appeared late last week and we’re having a hard time choosing between them. Like the DGRC remix, Saint Etienne lends the track a melancholic, Ennio Morriconesque spin, but they also succeed where DGRC does not in creating a cleaner, deeper cut, shedding light on the surprisingly depressing lyrics that can otherwise be masked by the original’s peppy tempo. The single drops on March 1 through Moshi Moshi Records, so until then, the English/Art History major (aka socially acceptable excuse for obsessive compulsive analysis) in me felt obligated to include a link to all three versions for the necessary comparison and contrastison. Discuss.

STREAM: Summer Camp – “Losing My Mind (St. Etienne Remix)”

STREAM: Summer Camp – “Losing My Mind”

DOWNLOAD: Summer Camp – “Losing My Mind (DGRC Remix)”

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