| January 7, 2013
Swim Deep – The Sea

Swim Deep are the latest product from the burgeoning Birmingham scene. Their most recent single, “Swim Deep”, is the best song the four youngins have come out with so far, adeptly living up to their self-proclaimed “grunge pop” sound thanks to fuzzed out guitars interlacing seamlessly with carefully crafted vocal arrangements. Promotional pictures of the band showcase the group as an almost alternative boy band; they’re fresh-faced and polished, but also draped in Nirvana sweatshirts and non-threatening angst. They seem like they’re on the verge of catching lighting in a bottle with this catchy bit of beach-pop, and their forthcoming album (helmed by Florence and the Machine producer Charlie Hugall) has the potential to be one of the breakthrough records of the year.

STREAM: Swim Deep – “The Sea”