New | September 12, 2017
Swimming Tapes share “Alison”, cut from second EP out this week

Swimming Tapes

English indie rockers Swimming Tapes are sharing the ever dreamy “Alison”, cut from their follow-up, sophomore EP out this week. Angelic strings plucked with ease introduce us, waving off life’s distractions with an expertise found only in musicians. This serenade of that special woman also listens like an ode to old mindsets, wrought with young wisedom and naivite. It’s the creamy textures that characterise this style better than most, but don’t be dissuaded by another label – this is proof positive that indie rock has the soul’s frequency and does not hesitate to tap right into it.

Their forthcoming EP, Soft Sea Blue, is out September 15th via B3SCI. Listen below.

On the new single, the band writes, “Alison is about a good friend of ours who moved to Australia a few years ago. We used to spend a lot of time together and now we can only reminisce, because Australia is very far away. It’s quite sad when that happens, but then you know that when you do meet again it will feel like no time has passed. Our friend’s name didn’t really fit the chorus melody so we had to change it to Alison, but they won’t mind.