| March 22, 2013
SXSW Recap: Fox And The Law

Photo Credit: Victoria VanBruinisse

My Thursday at SXSW started at 6:00am at Reagan National Airport. I had a 7am flight to Austin via Charlotte and was set to touch down at 11:30am. I was only going to be in town for a brief stint so something needed to be sacrificed to maximize the excursion into downtown Austin. I dropped off my backpack, acquired my heading, hit the trail and shortly found myself in a river of bodies on 6th street. Music video shoots, food carts, a guy playing a saw with a violin bow, free music in every bar and makeshift venue for blocks–my head imploded.

As I waited to meet up with some friends for lunch at Chupacabra, something caught my ears: feel-good, raucous rock n’ roll and the voice of a less frantic Pelle Almqvist came blaring out of the open windows of a bar behind me. I stepped inside the Aquarium, cracked open a Lone Star (my first since I had left the state almost five years ago) and sat to soak in riffs raised on some sort of twisted amalgamation of punk, classic rock, and garage rock. I had no idea what their name was, but I was hooked. Turns out they were called Fox and the Law.

Frontman/guitarist/vocalist Guy Keltner informed the crowd of their name after a dazzling display of musicianship, which included blistering solos with big, nitty-gritty tone, grooving basslines and tight drumming. If this was the only band I was going to see at SXSW during my stay in Austin, I would have had no problem with that. Check out Fox And The Law’s album Scarlet Fever here.

Thanks to Victoria VanBruinisse for the above photo.

STREAM: Fox And The Law – “Unbelievable”