Interview | December 6, 2016
Take Everything At Our Own Pace: An Interview with Indian Summer

Indian Summer Cover 2

Australia’s electronic scene has done nothing but conquer the eardrums of many. One duo we can credit that to is Indian Summer. This hypnotic and addictive pair consists of Gabe Gleeson and Chevy Long, two multi-talented producers that have spent the better half of this decade perfecting their art. Their latest hit is “Love Like This (Feat. Lastlings),” an out-of-this-world experience that will make one feel a euphoric sense of joy. We had the chance to sit down with Chevy and talk about Indian Summer’s incredible journey and what’s coming up next.


What’s up, guys? I’d like to start off by asking about your name. Have either of you been to India in the summer? It can get pretty damn hot at times. All jokes aside, why did you two decide to roll with this title?

Haha, we actually have been to India during the summer, though that’s not where it came from. It’s the title of a track we love from Beat Happening. We were initially going to start a blog of the same name, but ended up using it for our (then) newly started production project.



Could you tell us a little about your journey since meeting each other?

We’ve actually been mates since we were about twelve. We met during skateboarding class (a very short lived option on our school’s curriculum) back in 2003. Since then there’s been a bunch of landmark memories for us, like starting Indian Summer while backpacking across Europe, playing the main stage at Australia’s Splendour In The Grass festival and touring Australia as part of the Nina Las Vegas Presents Tour.
What are your feelings towards the Australian’s dance music scene? Any particular artists you recommend we keep an eye out for?
We feel so lucky to have come into the Australian production scene when we did! It feels like there’s a real gold rush of talent popping up at the moment (and for the past few years!).

Artists we love and see big futures for include: Yakis (an awesome house producer out of Byron Bay) Lastlings (the coolest brother sister duo you’ll ever meet) and Marli (our mate out of Melbourne – one of the funniest people you’ll meet, and can sing one hell of a tune).

Your Triple J Mix Up October 2016 gives us so much life. How do you approach producing a mix like this? What is the Indian Summer touch?

We’re kind of lucky in that Gabe, along with a few others, runs a music news website called Purple Sneakers – so he always has his ear to the ground for new up and coming artists / tracks. I’m always excited to hear the new stuff he brings to the table when we’re preparing a mix!


Can you guys talk about how “Love Like This” came together? What was it like to work with Lastlings?

[Lastlings are] super talented and SUPER cool! We had the best time hanging out with them in the studio, we really bounced off each other. It was a real breeze of a session, we pretty much had all of our ducks in a row when we went in – the topline was outlined, the production was just about done. All we needed was to get a final vocal recording and give the track a good mix, so for the most part we just got to hang out and take everything at our own pace.

Gabe – what do you respect the most about Chevy? Chevy – same question but about Gabe.

This is Chevy answering these questions (hey), but I’ll answer both anyway…
Gabe has always said the thing he respects most about me are my abilities on a Tech Deck. Kickflip, shuvvit, tre flip – you name it – I can do it, providing no one is watching me. As for me in respects to Gabe? Probably his capacity for unwavering determination.
I see that you have a good amount of shows lined up for the next few months in Australia – From Sydney to Melbourne to Maitland. What motivates you two to get on tour?

We really love to travel, meet new people and see new places. So touring really tics all of those boxes.


Last question: We’re just more than a month away from 2017. Hard to believe, huh? What does Indian Summer have in store?

Time flies eh? 2017 will see a bunch of new music and ton more touring! We can’t wait!
Indian summer is currently on tour in Australia. Catch them as they stop in Olympia, WA for Sets on the Beach Festival.