Interview | June 8, 2016
Talking Too Much: An Interview With COIN

coin music

We love COIN. We really do. The Nashville outfit have a knack for infectious indie pop and we’ve had the chance to see it in action at a few All Things Go shows. Recently we got the chance to talk to our besties again before things get in full swing for them this summer. You know, with a new album coming up and all. Give it a read below.


Where are you right now?

Chase Lawrence: In a writing session.


Where will you be tomorrow?

CL: We have rehearsal for tour.


You guys have shared the stage with artists like Passion Pit, Walk The Moon and Young The Giant. Which one has the most dedicated fans?

CL: Oh! They’re all surprisingly so different and dedicated in different ways. Walk The Moon’s fans are so involved. they have like a lil family.


Do bands play practical jokes on each other on tour? If so, give us some details.

CL: Not as often as you’d think. One time, the Betty Who folks filled our water bottles on stage with vodka. Luckily, I wasn’t thirsty. Like, what if that was the night I tried the Justin Bieber (circa 2013) move where I pour water on the crowd? Close one!


Favorite venue you’ve played?

CL: Tie between The Ryman (history) and the 9:30 Club (cupcakes).


Would you rather be on stage or in the studio?

CL: It really depends on the day! The stage is mostly my favorite medium because you can’t second guess yourself. But, being alone is quite nice…


coin music

You’ve been in the studio with Grammy-nominated producer Jay Joyce. What was that experience like?

CL: In a word: wild. We spent a month in a 12,000 sq ft church that is now Jay’s studio. It was inspiring to say the least. His way of thinking is very unconventional – his brain doesn’t work linear. One night, while tracking “Atlas,” he was like, “This is all wrong. Call your friends, let’s throw a party.” So we invited 30 or so people and recorded “Atlas” live in front of the people we had invited. He thought we needed a crowd.

The process of collaborating and creating with him was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.


Your new single “Talk Too Much” was produced by Tim Pagnotta. How was it working with him?

CL: Tim is the best! Recording with him was so carefree and easy. Tim exclusively associates success with jet skis.


What is “Talk Too Much” about?

CL: In social settings (especially when I’m nervous), I strangely become this person who can’t quit talking. Talk Too Much is a really honest song about my inability to leave some things unsaid.


Who in the band talks too much?

CL: I really do and have no idea when to stop. But also, Joseph can sit on an airplane for 5 minutes and already be in a deep conversation with an elderly woman about how proud she is of her grand children.


What artists are currently on repeat in the van?

CL: Oscar, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Blood Orange, Gang of Youths.


What can we look forward to this summer from COIN?

CL: Tour dates, music videos, and brand new music.