| January 13, 2012
Tanlines – Brothers

It takes a certain brand of humor to translate on Twitter, so it isn’t surprising that some of the funniest tweets tend to come from seemingly completely random accounts. One of my personal favorite examples of an unlikely tweetacular team is Brooklyn experimental pop/indie rock duo Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen, dba Tanlines. While renowned for tweeting his observational humor and random thoughts about things, Cohen (the verified @tanlines tweetmaster himself) recently used the account for a more conventionally Twitterlike cause—announcing the group’s forthcoming debut LP, Mixed Emotions. Also via tweet, the group released a promotional MP3, “Brothers,” a familiar-sounding beachy, popish number that according to—what else—yet another tweet derives its name from “the studio where we started Tanlines, but I think the song is a good idea of where we are right now.” Mixed Emotions is due out on March 20th via True Panter, so until then, download “Brothers” below, and be sure to follow @tanlines or miss out forever on your new go-to source for running commentary on ideas for rapper names and Girls Who Dress Like Aunt Jackie.

MP3: Tanlines – “Brothers”

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