| August 1, 2012
Tate Tucker – Go It Alone

Like many of his classmates, rising Georgetown University junior Tate Tucker has a promising career ahead of him. Unlike those of his peers, however, Tate’s occupation will have less to do with his prowess in international political relations and more to do with his ability to freestyle like a seasoned pro. Although this is his first appearance on All Things Go, Tucker—originally hailing from Los Angeles—has been steadily gaining recognition in the music industry with his mixtapes, interviews, and even a run-in with Lupe Fiasco in Georgetown’s (in)famous Sociology of Hip-Hop class.

Most recently, Tucker dropped “Go It Alone,” the first single off his new project, the WEST/RIDGE EP. Produced by PD (former Trumpet player in the Long Beach State Orchestra), the laid-back number heavily samples Beck’s track of the same name off the 2005 album Guero and includes the cunning linguistic gymnastics that have become the trademark of Tucker’s rapidly escalating game. Talented, charismatic, and undeniably driven (see: currently also pursing a Georgetown degree), Tucker and his artfully delivered verse have superglued him to the map as an artist cum college student to be reckoned with. Download “Go It Alone” below, watch the song’s new video—shot on location near Tate’s home in Santa Monica and Venice Beach—and keep your eyes open for WEST/RIDGE, due out August 20th.

MP3: Tate Tucker – “Go It Alone”