Feature | May 6, 2016
The 8 Best Songs In The World

James Blake & Bon Iver – I Need A Forest Fire

Quite a week we’ve had. Where to begin? How about this James Blake and Bon Iver collaboration. Two of the world’s finest voices come together in truly spectacular fashion here. Listen below and then listen to the rest of Blake’s surprise LP here.

james blake bon iver


Radiohead – Daydreaming

We posted on Radiohead‘s latest mere hours ago, but there’s no surprise it’s making an appearance here too. While “Burn The Witch” is a phenomenal tune, we find ourselves liking the awe-inspiring slow-burn of “Daydreaming” a little bit more.

radiohead daydreaming


Skepta – Konnichiwa

Skepta‘s “Konnichiwa” had us with that samurai sword sample alone, but it’s a pretty much near-perfect intro track to the grime MC-producer’s new album of the same name.

skepta konnichiwa


Adult Jazz – Earrings Off!

Another exciting piece of cerebral pop from this Leeds outfit. For fans of Animal Collective and Yeasayer.

adult jazz


Samm Henshaw – Our Love

The Leon Bridges comparisons are inescapable here but, damn, Henshaw does just as good a job of sending us back to a far more soulful point in time than today.

samm henshaw


WEIRDO – Armanio

“I’ve always been weird, I’ve always been told I’m a strange one, and I think within my coming of age I’ve learnt to embrace it and project it with my art.” We’re digging the philosophy behind anonymous artist WEIRDO. At least as long as he’s making sweet LCD Soundsystem meets Bloc Party jams like “Armanio.”

weirdo music


Future Jr. – Tell Me That I’m Wrong

This has nothing to do with Future. If anything, “Tell Me That Im Wrong” sounds like a cross between Astronomyy and Justin Bieber without the tabloid baggage. We’re digging it.

future jr


Mount Mantras – No Good

When we’re handed house music, we tend not to expect anything too out-of-the-box. Mount Mantras — a collaboration between Terra Lopez (Sister Crayon) and Alex Zavala (Dark Time Sunshine) — manage to blow away expectations with the mesmerizing “No Good.”

mount mantras