Interview | June 23, 2017
The Aces talk touring, festivals and the new record

The Aces 1

Since early this year, The Aces have been on our radar, impressing us with their engaging singles that highlight the human experience. “Stuck”, their first single of the year, was a guide for getting through the messy end of a relationship that’s run its course. Their engaging video captured that sentiment with the personal concert for a woman blowing off steam as she dances throughout her house. “Physical”, their second single from the new EP, took a look a similar tone, analyzing the rut of fun, but limited dating.

Today’s the official release of their EP I Don’t Like Being Honest via Red Bull Records, so we’re marking the occasion with a few words from the band when we caught them before they played their first show at Bardot in Hollywood.


So how’s the scene in Utah?

It’s great, especially where we’re from in Provo. There’s a venue there called The Velour that’s really popular for local bands. We started playing there when we were kids. It’s a college town and it’s just part of the culture. Like growing up, everyone was going to church and parents really emphasize everyone learn an instrument. There’s just a lot of musicians and everyone starts really young, so there’s just this want to be in a band. Everyone goes out to shows and a lot of them don’t really drink, so they’re really out for the music.

We just played outside of Coachella and were wondering ‘Do we really want to go? Can we get through this heat?’. SXSW was our first time ever going to a festival. It’s was so chaotic but so fun. Luckily we got to see a lot of bands. If Coachella is fashion forward, SX is just put on a shirt, play your set, then your next set. It’s great.

Tell me about your new record!

Physical! It’s a song we wrote kind of a while ago in New York. It’s just about being in a relationship and getting bored with physicality when there’s nothing else there. We both know this isn’t going anywhere in the long term. We kind of set it up to sound sarcastic, like “Yeah, here we go again”. A lot of sassy boredom. It’s super fun to play.

Was this kind of a single to “Stuck”?

Definitely. Actually maybe it’s more like the limbo after you get out of a relationship. You can come to these realizations of  ‘oh wow, this is all about physicality but now I’m so deep in it’ and “Stuck” is like the sister to that song. We wrote them all together so they’re all related.

We’re all young adults and about to go through life, and that has to do with relationships and exploring who you are and it comes out in our songwriting.

Was recording and touring always part of the plan or was it just for fun in the beginning?

We’ve always loved playing together and knew the band was something special and I don’t think we ever expected it to end, but it wasn’t something we all took that seriously. We all had different dreams and ambitions, but toward the end of high school we decided this was something we all really wanted to do and went for it full speed. It’s just our passion. Some of us were going to go to college, so it kind of came to a head. McKenna had a scholarship two hours away so we had to make a decision.

The energy has been so amazing, working with such an incredible team.

So what’s everyone listening to lately?

Kendrick! The new album is so good. Also the Lady Gaga and Halsey singles, the new Growlers record and The Drums.

Johnny from The Drums is such an incredible frontman. He just commands the stage, the way he moves and jumps. He’s just crazy good!

Who’s the band or artist you grew up listening to that makes more sense as you get older?

McKenna: Toto! My dad is over there laughing but he would always play them. They’re really cheesy, but it’s so good.

Alyssa: It just hit me a few years ago, but Tears For Fears.

Katie: Weezer for me. I’ve been a fan forever, from Pinkerton to The Blue Album.

Cristal: The song of mine and Alyssa’s childhood was “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters and we’ve always been fans. Listening to it now is funny because it’s such a sexually charged song and I never realized!


Be sure to catch The Aces at The Grove in Los Angeles July 12 and snag a copy of the new record!