New | January 24, 2014
The Both

Label: Unsigned   Genre: Pop   Sounds Like: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists


Do you like Ted Leo? How about Aimee Mann? Do you like amazing chemistry? Stop reading and just click play on The Both’s “Milwaukee” below.

For the rest of you, here’s a quick primer. Ted Leo grew up in New Jersey, where, as I can attest, punk was and remains a staple of the homegrown music scene. He later became a cult-like figure in the local post-punk world when he came down to D.C. and started Ted Leo And The Pharmacists. It was experimental, edgy and changed the game for pretty much anyone who listened to it. Effusive enough? Probably not.

Aimee Mann grew up in Virginia, released two critically acclaimed albums to modest success, but is most widely known for making the ubiquitous Magnolia soundtrack hit, “Save Me.” So if you haven’t listened to her other stuff, you are doing your ears a disservice and should get on that, like, today.

So these two musical giants came together in 2013 to much excitement and have just announced their plans to release a record under the moniker The Both this April. “Milwaukee” is essentially a classic rock duet that’s catchy without being boring. The trademark Ted Leo guitar solo is simply fantastic and should get you revved up for what we’re guessing will be one of the more fascinating live shows of 2014.

The Both’s self-titled LP comes out April 15th via Mann’s own SuperEgo Records.

STREAM:¬†The Both – “Milwaukee”

The Both

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