| April 1, 2014

the faint scapegoat

Whether you want to call it dance-punk, post-punk, electro-clash or any other niche genre name, The Faint were on top of the world of synth-heavy, dirty guitar infused dance beats that ruled indie-rock dance floors from the late 90s into the middle aughts. It’s been years since we’ve had new noise from the Omaha outfit, but the songs so far released from their upcoming record Doom Abuse show signs that they have not missed a step.

While “Dress Code” plays mostly toward the group’s electronic tendencies, and “Salt My Doom” shows a wonderfully chaotic blend of both, new track “Scapegoat” is packing so much straight-ahead party rock that it could probably blow Andrew W.K. off the stage. If you’re the type that likes your summer jams loud, fast and constantly exploding, then The Faint have just barreled out of the gate with a strong contender for The Song of summer 2014. Stream “Scapegoat” below.

The Faint’s Doom Abuse comes out April 8th via SQE Music.

STREAM: The Faint – “Scapegoat”