| July 15, 2011
The Glitch Mob –
We Can Make The World Stop EP

July 12th was a great day. The sun was smiling, the climate amiable, and The Glitch Mob’s latest EP, We Can Make The World Stop, officially dropped. Following the release of their debut album, Drink The Sea, the collective continues to showcase their mastery with a three-song teaser. Hard at work on their second album and armed with a slew of tour dates this summer, We Can Make The World Stop serves to whet our grumbling appetites. The EP’s title track marches through your speakers with a kind of swagger that demands attention, stopping the world for five minutes and twenty-five seconds. “Warrior Concerto” sounds like its title implies: a beautiful piece written for the electro-battlefield. You can almost hear Robert Duvall screaming at soldiers to surf or fight and raving about napalm in this epic. “Palace of Innocents” takes it down a notch. With delicate melodies and loads of numbing bass, the track lulls you back into reality. Needless to say, the boys have come a long way since The Crush Mode. Don’t miss The Glitch Mob this coming Wednesday at 9:30 Club.

STREAM:  The Glitch Mob – “Palace Of The Innocents”

STREAM: The Glitch Mob – “We Can Make The World Stop”

STREAM: The Glitch Mob – “Warrior Concerto”

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