New | August 5, 2014
The Knocks – Classic (Ft. Powers)

the knocks classic

Whatever you’re doing right now can’t be nearly as important as hitting play on The Knocks‘ “Classic.” We’ve posted a number of summer anthems on the site this year, but B-Roc and J. Patt’s latest tune may be the one to rule them all. “Classic” oozes with the pop confidence of Len‘s “Steal My Sunshine” — by no means an easy feat — while adding to the catchiness with funky guitars, bright keys and stellar vocals from POWERS.

As summery as “Classic” may sound, however, it wasn’t made for any particular season. The Knocks wrote this song with the intention of it being timeless, avoiding the 2-3 week shelf life of your average pop song. “With ‘Classic’ we we tried to create a well of nostalgic energy,” they write in a letter to fans, “that anyone could easily access by simply pressing play. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our friends, POWERS, we like we have finally hit the nail on the head.” Couldn’t agree more. Get obsessed with “Classic” below.